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  • You have the advantages of having a kitchen with a fridge, kettle etc. You can take a break when you want and keep your drinks cold. If you want, you can even cook

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Prague is probably the most beautiful and romantic city in Central Europe. Once you are here you can't avoid feeling the unique atmosphere in the idyllic, medieval streets surrounded by wonderful architecture from centuries. Quite often we hear our guests say that they find Prague more charming and enjoyable than even Paris!  

And there are also plenty of sights to see and enjoy in and outside of Prague. Here we’ll mention a few – you need to come to Prague and enjoy these and all the rest:


The Charles Bridge in PragueCharles Bridge

Charles Bridge - founded in 1357. This beautiful Gothic bridge exudes its own special atmosphere at all times of day and is one of the most important sights in Prague. It almost makes sense to say that if you haven’t been on the Charles Bridge, you haven’t been to Prague at all! And if you remember to touch the right statue it is very possible that you’ll return


Prague Castle - Prazsky HradPrague Castle - Prazsky hrad

Europe's largest palace complex thrones on a hill and is visible from many places in the city. The area is dominated by the impressive St. Vitus Cathedral, but there is so much more to see and experience at Prague Castle.




Orloj - Astronomical clockStaromestske Namesti - The Old Town Square

Staromestske Namesti - The Old Hall Square. There is so much to look at here. It is certainly one of Prague's main tourist sites. You should, among other things, dwell on the astronomical clock "Orloj", built under Master Hanus in the 1490’ies




The Old Jewish Cemetary in Josefov in PragueJosefov - the Jewish ghetto

Josefov was a closed ghetto for more than 350 years. The Jews were given the same rights as every other citizen only in the 1780’ies, and after that a lot of jews moved to better parts of the city. In Josefov you’ll  find the oldest synagogue in Europe, the Old-New Synagogue, built between 1270-80, and also the mysterious cemetery, which is believed to have graves  in up to 12 layers.



Vltava - the beautiful river runs through PragueVltava

All the way through Prague's center you'll see the beautiful river Vltava - or Moldau in German. "The River Vltava gives the city life both spiritually and practically. Since 920 a 'free highway on water' it is honoured and celebrated as 'the girdle of Prague, the beautiful'. Even today the view of the town from the deck of a boat has its magic." -- V. Dudak
A pleasant relaxing way to see Prague from a different prospective is on a River Boat Tour, especially during the evening, when the city's many beautiful buildings are lit
- with us with a simple buffet and a well informed guide.


Karlstejn - the beautiful gothic castle outside PragueKarlstejn

The history of the Karlstejn castle south of Prague stretches back to 1348 when Charles the Fourth, Bohemian King and Holy Roman Emperor, along with Archbishop Arnost of Pardubice laid down the foundation stone for Karlstejn. It is the largest castle in the country, only surpassed by the Prague Castle. Karlstejn was built as a place to keep the royal treasures, including the  crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire.



Terezin - TheresienstadtTerezin - Theresienstadt

During the Second World War the two old fortresses of Terezin (Theresienstadt in German) was turned into a Jewish ghetto and concentration camp. More than 150,000 Jews went through the camp. Some of them died there, but even more were sent to specialized extermination camps in Poland and Germany. The Gestapo prison, in the smallest of the military fortresses, had more than 32,000 interned during the war. Theresienstadt is the city's German name, in Czech called the Terezin. At the end of the war there were 17,247 survivors. It was liberated on May 9th, 1945 by the Soviet Army. An exhibition nowadays reminds of the history of Terezín as internment camp for Germans



And much, much more...

There is obviously much, much more to see in Prague and the surrounding area.
What about a  folklore evening with Czech music, dance, food, wine and beer? Perhaps a visit to a glass factory? Or a taste of the famous Czech beer at a brewery?

With us or on your own, you can enjoy the beautiful architecture in Prague, Obecni Dum (the Municipal House), The Wallenstein Palace with its beautiful baroque garden, Klementinum, Vaclavske Namesti (Wenzeslas Square), Tyn Church, The Lobkowicz Palace, The Belvedere and much, much more.

Come to Prague and see everything with my own eyes.
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