Private tours in Prague and the Czech Republic

Private tours in Prague and the Czech Republic

Visit beautiful Prague - and stay in our cheap Prague accommodationBook your experiences in Prague with your private and enthustiastic tour guide, Laus Sorensen. I'll do my very best to make sure you get the most out of your stay

Here at Praha Expert you can book me as a guide for private tours, just for yourself and your friends.

Instead of being part of a large group with people who may not all want the same from the tour, take charge and book a personal guide. It is not expensive, and you'll get much more out of your prescious time in Prague

Have a look at the tours offered by Prague Expert (Laus Sorensen) if you prefer:

  • Smaller tour groups with an individual approach
  • Sightseeing at the "must see sights" combined with elements off the beaten path
  • Relevant historical facts served with the sights - and very often where they actually took place
  • Your own pace
  • Answers to your questions without having to think about other people in the group
  • A guide who chose this work out of his love to Prague
  • Story telling style instead of a scripted tour



Prague is probably the most beautiful and romantic city in Central Europe. Once you are here you can't avoid feeling the unique atmosphere in the idyllic, medieval streets surrounded by wonderful architecture from centuries. Quite often I hear my guests say that they find Prague more charming and enjoyable than even Paris! But dont just take my word for it - give me a chance to walk you through the city and let me share my love of Prague with you on a private city walk - I promise, you'll enjoy the city even more!